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Promote direct sales development Guangdong has a multi-pronged approach to create a new ecosystem of direct selling industry


[Direct Report Network Beijing June 3rd] (Nanfang Daily) The health market rectification "100-day action" has achieved remarkable results. How to establish a long-term supervision mechanism has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. Recently, Guangdong, as a direct sales province, issued the "Guangdong Province's Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Direct Selling Enterprises to Promote the Healthy Development of the Direct Selling Industry (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which will severely punish production and sales of counterfeit products and crack down on Direct sales licenses "attach" and other measures to fundamentally clean up the chaos in the direct selling market, purify the direct selling market environment, build a direct marketing market order system of government supervision, enterprise self-discipline, and social co-governance, standardize, guide, and promote direct sales The industry is healthy and stable.
Severely punish and exaggerate product efficacy behavior
China is a big consumer of health care market, and direct selling enterprises are also an important force in the production and sales of health food and health care products. According to the data from the Ministry of Commerce's direct sales industry management system, there are 4,348 kinds of direct selling products, including 74 companies that manage health products and food products. According to this calculation, health food is the main product of 81% of direct selling companies.
During the visit, the reporter found that in the direct marketing process, many salesmen and dealers generally have false propaganda and exaggerated functions. Previously, there were two violations of the power-struck incident in the direct selling industry and the Hualin incident in Hebei, and there were also violations of false propaganda and exaggeration.
In this regard, the first measure of the specific measures in the "Opinions" is to strictly control the products and severely punish the production and sales of counterfeit and inferior products. The direct selling enterprises that produce unqualified products must be strictly investigated for their responsibilities according to law. If they are seriously unqualified, they must cancel the relevant qualifications. Until exiting the direct sales market. The "Opinions" also require that the market supervision department strengthen the supervision of training conferences and events organized by direct selling companies and their branches, including product introduction, marketing methods, compensation systems, and joining methods. The content of the meeting must not exaggerate product efficacy and publicity. Deception, misleading propaganda, such as remuneration, exaggeration of rewards, etc., may not be carried out in the form of meetings to carry out on-site sales promotion.
"The source of direct sales is actually product-oriented. First of all, the product is better. After consumers use it, they feel good to share it with others, and then become a distributor of direct selling companies." Huang Yingzi, an associate professor at Sun Yat-Sen University School of Management, said that direct selling companies should set a long-term perspective. The strategic planning, can not engage in "short and fast" speculation, should return to the product-oriented, service-based philosophy of steady growth. Returning to the essence of direct sales, profit should provide income from providing good products and good services, improve the quality of the business team, reduce speculative education, reduce desires and remove impetuousness in practitioner training.
Huang Yingzi said that the products of direct selling companies cover a wide range of products. The six major categories of products such as health care products, skin care products and small household appliances can all be used as direct sales channels. Product-oriented is the fundamental survival of direct selling companies, so they must have their own A fist product based on survival.
Explore the establishment of a long-term regulatory mechanism
After the "quantitative event" detonated public opinion, a series of problems such as product control, consumer rights maintenance, advertising, and dealer behavior management in the development of the direct selling industry were also concentrated. For the direct selling industry with a market volume of over 200 billion yuan, it is urgent to establish a sound long-term monitoring mechanism in order to develop healthier and more orderly in the future.
The "Opinions" pointed out that a long-term mechanism will be established to promote the healthy development of the direct selling industry, strengthen the development guidelines for the direct selling industry, and enhance the development momentum of direct selling enterprises. The specific measures in the Opinions include: establishing and improving a smart supervision, dynamic and efficient monitoring mechanism; relying on the advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District to guide industrial integration to become better and stronger; encourage direct marketing enterprises to integrate online and offline development, and improve service levels; Actively promote the construction of the headquarters of direct selling enterprises, and encourage high-quality direct selling enterprises to settle in Guangdong.
Experts in the direct selling industry told reporters that with the continuous development of the direct selling market, it is urgent to manage upgrades, including further clarifying the boundaries of pyramid schemes and direct sales from the laws and regulations, so that on the one hand, the idea of ??direct "testing" of direct selling companies can be eliminated. It is also conducive to regulatory enforcement. This time, the direct selling companies successively "explosive mines", but also exposed the problem of insufficient self-discipline and dislocation of dealers. Some direct selling companies are excessively pursuing performance, do not discriminate against dealers, and arbitrarily sign distribution contracts, turning a blind eye to the false propaganda and illegal pyramid schemes that occur in the actual operation of dealers.
In this regard, the "Opinions" require that market supervision, commerce, public security and other departments should strengthen the supervision and inspection of direct selling business activities of direct selling enterprises in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations such as the Direct Selling Regulations and the Regulations on Prohibiting Pyramid Sales, and focus on checking whether they are licensed. Direct sales activities in the region, whether the direct selling products exceed the scope of product approval, whether to pay the fees or purchase goods as the conditions for the development of direct sellers, strengthen the supervision of the direct sellers' compensation behavior, supervise the direct selling enterprises to implement the information disclosure disclosure system, direct sales products Return and exchange system, direct seller training system, implementation of direct sales responsibility for direct sellers, supervision of direct sales companies to comply with the law and regulate operations. At the same time, the direct sales licenses are strictly linked. Once the direct selling enterprises are found to be indulging or acquiescing to the partners and related parties to engage in pyramid schemes through "calling", etc., they must strictly follow the re-examination, and the direct selling enterprises should be investigated for the main responsibility until they exit the direct selling market.